Our Products

Electrical Switches, Water Proof Switches, Industrial Plug & Socket, Electrical Lamps (Energy saving lamps, Halogen Lamps, Florescent Tube, Metal Halide, Sodium Lamps,) Electric Fans ( Table Fan, Wall Fan, Orbit Fan, Stand Fan, Industrial Pedestal Fan, Round Ventilating Fan, Square Ventilating Fan, Ceiling Ventilating Fan, Industrial Heavy duty exhaust fan , Ceiling Fan) Electrical Fittings ( Halogen fittings, Metal Halide Fittings, Louvers fittings, Tube light Fixture, Water Proof Fittings, Dust Proof Fittings, Grill Fittings, Bulkhead Fittings, Cabinet Fittings) Conduit Fittings, Cable Tray, Starter, Chalk, Socket, Plug, MCB, ELCB, Isolator, Tester, Cables, Cable Legs, Cable Cutter, Cable Drum (Extension Wire), Cable Gland, Cable Joint Kit, Cable tie, Cable Marker, Condit pipes, Battery & Battery Terminals, Earth rod clamp, Enclosure, Fire cable, Water Heater, Insulation tape, Telephone cable & Socket, Wire Connectors, Wire Clips, Wire Terminals, Auto Wire, Trunking, Adaptor, TV Cable & Sockets, Wire pulling spring, Bend…
POWER TOOLS & MACHINERIES (Makita, Dewalt, Black & Decker…)
Compact Hammer, Demolition Hammer, Angle Grinder, Electric Screwdriver, Tile Cutter, Electrical Drill, Rotary Hammer, Chop saw, Magnetic Stand with Drill, Planer, Router, Circular Saw, Band Saw, Jig Saw, Impact Wrench, Radial Arm Saw, Mitre saw, Cordless Driver, Combination Saw, Cutter, Compressor, Air Blower & Gun

Coverall, Hand Gloves, Masks, Slings, Safety Belts, Safety Helmets, Safety Goggles & Spectacles, Safety Shoes, Gum Boot, Safety Harness, Shields, Ear Plugs, Ear defender, Apron, Road Cone, Warning Tape, Warning Lights, Chains, Industrial alarm, Beach umbrella, Cargo belt , Cotton Rope, Face protectors, Reflective Vest, Reflective Tape, Life Vest, Life Buoy, Fire Blankets, Scaffold Hook, Wire Rope, Wire Clips …

Timber, MDF, Plywood, Marine Plywood, Veneer, Bitumen sheet, Acrylic Sheets, Gypsum Sheet, Roofing Felt, Gypsum tile, Gypsum Powder, Binding wire, Nails, Buckets, Black Cement, Tiles, Tile cross, Tile Glue, White Cement, Lime Powder, Fiber Mesh, Fiber Joint Tape, Tie Rod, Shattering Clamp, Asbestos, Gurumala, Shovel, Trowels, Chalk Line Set, Silicon, PU form, Plaster Stop, Mesh (GI & Pvc ), Manhole Cover, Expanded Fiber Mesh, Expanded Metal, Line Doori …
Synthetic Enamel Paints, Emulsion Paints, Stucco Filler, Thinner, Paint Brushes, Sand Paper, Scrapper, Masking Tape, Malmal Cloths, Roller Brush, Paint Mask, Paint Filter …

Bath Room Fittings, Mixtures, Water Pumps, Submersible pumps, Automatic Pump control, Float Switch, Float Valve, Foot Valve, Non-return Valve, Angle valve, Bib Cock Valve, Ball Valve, Gate Valve Pipes,( MS, GI, PVC, COPPER ) Pipe Fittings (MS, GI, PVC, COPPER ), Zinc, Water Tank, W.C, Flush Tank, Barrel nipple, Kim Nipple, Water Heater, Tub …

Bolt (S.S. G.I. M.S.), Fixed Bolt, Through Bolt, Allen Bolt (MS & SS ) Threaded Bars ( MS, GI, SS ), Nails, Self Drilling Screws, Self Tapping Screws, Gypsum Screws, Brass Screws, M.S. Screws, Zinc Plated Screws, Machine Screws, binding wire, Fisher Plug, Blind Rivets, Carriage bolt, Foundation Bolt...

Welding Machines, Welding Rods, Welding Gloves, Welding Holders, Welding Cables, Welding Electrode Dryer, Potable Torch Kit, Oxygen Regulators, Acetylene Regulators, L.P.G. Regulators, Nitrogen Regulators, Co2 Regulators, Heating Torches, Flash Back Arrestor For Oxygen, Acetylene & L.P.G. Cutting attachment & Torch Handle, Goggles & Spectacles, Safety Shoes, Welding Shields, Welding Helmets, Cover All, Chipping Hammers, Welding Powder, Welding Nozzle, Cutting Tip, Welding Torch, Welding Lighter…
A/c Gas, Forms, Copper Pipe, Aluminium Tape, AC control system, Additional Fans, DC Motors, Compressors, Compressor Parts, Condensers, Evaporators, Expansion Valve, Fittings, Receiver Driers, Resistors, Power Relay, Seals, Switches, Solenoid Valve, Thermostats, Switches Knobs, Electro Thermostat, High side Charging Valve, Vacuum Actuators, Manifold Sets, Versatile Hydraulic Machine, Tools & Service items, Quick Couplers, Adaptors, Thermo meters, Valve cores, Refrigeration & Air Condition Items…

Universal Beams, Universal Columns, JIS Beams, I Beams, H Beam, U Channel, Deformed Bars, Hollow Section, Seamless Pipe, Chequered Plate, M.S. Plates, M.S. Angels, M.S. Channels, M.S Pipe, M.S. Coils, M.S. Flat Bars, M.S. Shafting Bars, G.I. Pipes, G.I. Sheets, G.I. Coils, G.I. Gratings, T Section, S.S. Pipe, S.S. Sheets, S.S, Rods, Copper Sheets, Round Bars, Aluminium Sheets, Mesh….

Hinges, Locks, Knobs, Door Closer, Drawer Handles, Door Handle Sets, Drawer Rail, Drawer Lock, Screws, Nails, Curtain rod, Curtain fittings, Bison Kit, Door Stopper, Door Viewer, Dust Mask, Pad Locks, Aldrops…

Drainage opener, Cleaning Acid, Hand Washing Liquid, Battery Acid, Battery water, Anti-dust…

Shelves, Slotted Angles, Trolleys, Wheel Barrow, Slat Walls, Pallets, Pallet jacks

PU hoses, Air Hose, Reinforced Hoses, Green suction hoses, GI Pipe, MS Pipe, Copper Pipe, Acrylic pipe, Hose Clips( Zinc plated, Mild Steel, Stainless Steel ) Cam Lock, Push pull Coupling, Nipple, Ball Valve, MS pipe fittings, GI pipe fittings, Copper pipe fittings, PVC pipe fittings, Hose Connectors...
Measuring Tape, Long glass-fiber tapes, Long steel tapes, Rulers, Combination Squares, Road Measuring Wheel, Micro meter, Multi meter, Caliper, Balancer, Measuring Can, Water Proof Scale, Jewelry Scale, Pallet Scale, Retail Table Top Scale, Bar code Printing & Price computing Scale, Industrial Platform Scale, Pocket Scale, Time Recorder Machine...

Masking Tape, Bop Tape ( Clear & Brown) Corrugated Roll, Bubble Roll, Stretch Film (Shrink Wrap) Metal & PVC Strapping and Clips, Tarpaulin, Polythene sheet, Strapping Machine, Cargo Belt ,Drum pump ( plastic ) Rotary pump, Funnel ...

Pallet truck with scale, Pallet puller, Power Pallet Truck, Rough Terrain Truck, Scissor Lift Pallet Truck ( Electric & Manual ), Hydraulic Hand Stacker, Hydraulic Power Stacker, Table Truck, Polyester webbing sling, Ratchet puller, Load Binder, Wheel Barrow, Hand Trolley, Caster Wheel, Chain Block Trolleys Plain and Geared, Wire rope Pulling hoist, Plate Lifting Clamps, Horizontal Clamps, Pipe lifting clamps, Barrel lifting clamps, Steel Wire ropes, Chains, D Shackle with screw pin, D Shackle Bolt Type, Bow Shackle, Rigging Hardware, Sling Hook, Self Locking hook, Eye Nut, Eye Bolt, Hook & Hook, Hook & Eye , Eye & Eye, Eye & Jaw, Lever Hoists, Hand Truck, Pallets, Louvered Panels & Bins, Pallet Jacks, Super market Trolleys & Baskets, Hydraulic bottle jack, Ladder.

Cotton Rag, Cotton Waste, Broom, Wiper, Acid, Washing Powder, Castaic Soda, Mop, Liquid Soap, Hand Cleaner etc.

4 Min. Epoxy, M Seal, White Glue, Contact Adhesive ( Bison Kit, Fevicol), Hot melt Glue, Powder Glue for hot press, P U Form, Tile Glue, Marble Glue, Grout etc.

Sand Paper, Sanding Disc, Cutting Disc, Grinding Disc, Backing Pad, Buffing Wheel, Mounting Stone, Flap Disc, Flap Wheel, Cup Wire Brush, Sharpening Stone, Grinding Stone, Wire Brush, Cup Stone

Booster Cable, Booster Clips, Auto Wire, Air Filling Gauge, Air Checking Gauge, Tire Repairing materials, Body filler, Fuses, Jack, Heavy Duty Spanner, Wrenches, Box Socket, Allen key wrench, Auto tester, Battery Acid & Water, Bostic Roll, Break Oil, Decorative lights, Denting set, Grease, Hydraulic Oil, Car Shampoo, Diesel & Petrol Engine Oil, Hydro meter, Battery Cable , Work Shop Crane, Hydraulic Bottle Jack, Floor Jack, Long Chassis Service Jack, Asbestos Cloth, Bearing, Belt , Gaskets.
Handles, Hinges, Locks, Rollers, Screws & Rivets, Door Closer, Floor Hinges, Glass Suction Lifter, PVC Gasket, Aldrop, Rivet or, Silicon Gun, Silicon, Fly Screen Fixture, Indicator Bolt, Compass Cutter, Straight Glass Cutter, Glass Louver, Corner Cleet, Drawer Rails, Protection Tape, Double glazing Tape, Masking Tape, Structural Tape, Weather Strip, Fly Screen net, Fiber Mesh, SS Stay Bar, Alum. Side Arm, Tower Bolt, Flush Tower bolt, Dust Socket, Keeper plate, Bottom Seal, Bottom Brush, 3 Way Corner, 2Way corner, Degree corner, Staircase Shoe, Shutter angle, Abrasive Belt, Double glazing spacer, Space corner, Vertical Spring, Georgian Bar, Cross connector, End Cap, Concealed Hinges, Magnon Hinges, Flap Hinges